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About Us

The seventh high school in the Elk Grove Unified School District, Monterey Trail High School is named after its proximity to the historic Monterey Trail of the 19th century which was used by travelers of the time to travel to Monterey, the capital of both Spanish and Mexican California.

The school color of hunter green is based on the abundant amount of trees along the areas of Elk Grove, Laguna Creek, and Franklin. The second color of gold is based on the Monterey Trail becoming well traveled after the discovery of gold. The third school color is black.  The school mascot, the Mustang, is based on the horses that travelers rode while traveling the Monterey Trail in the 19th Century.

School Slogan: "Building a Future, Finding a Way."

School Mission: The mission of Monterey Trail High School is to create a learning community that will challenge ALL students to realize their greatest potential, while preparing them for their future.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs):

Academic Proficiency
Students will:
  • Meet or exceed district and California State Standards in all curricular areas.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on school, district, and state standardized assessments.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Students will:
  • Apply a variety of strategies to solve academic challenges and prepare for real-world experiences.
  • Analyze, interpret, and evaluate information in order to draw logical conclusions.
College and Career Readiness
Students will:
  • Plan and prepare for life beyond high scholl and acquire skills for success.
  • Develop knowledge and abilities that can be applied in real-world settings.
Responsible Citizenship
Students will:
  • Demonstrate the Positive Learning Behaviors (PLB's)
  • Contribute time, energy, and talent to improve our school and community.
  • Respectfully celebrate the diverse cultures of our school community.
Effective Communication
Students will: 
  • Express academic and creative concepts in a variety of formats.
  • Work effectively in groups using a variety of communication strategies.
Positive Learning Behaviors (PLBs)
I. Be at School
  • 7 days or fewer absences a year
II. Be on Time
  • Seated in class when the bell rings
III. Be Prepared to Learn
  • Have materials
  • Have homework completed
IV. Be Respectful
  • To teachers
  • To other students
  • To the learning environment
V. Be an Active Listener
  • Focus attention on instruction
VI. Be a Positive Participant
  • Engage in class activities for the entire period