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In order to benefit fully from the Monterey Trail High School academic and extra-curricular program, and make progress towards graduation, students must attend school regularly. Since Monterey Trail High School operates on a block schedule, regular attendance and punctuality is critical to school success. Keep in mind that missing one class on the 4x4 block schedule is equivalent to missing two classes on a traditional school schedule. Irregular attendance negatively affects class progress and grades.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to work with Monterey Trail High School in supporting students’ regular and timely attendance. They may call the school’s attendance office during regular school hours to check on their child’s tardy and absence record.

Attendance Requirements
State law requires that all minors attend school full time. Regular attendance is essential to learning and academic success. Attendance is taken each period and is documented by the teacher in the master attendance system. Seven regular semesters (14 terms) of attendance in grades 9-12 are required to qualify for a diploma.

Classification of Absences and Tardies (Ed. Code 48260, 48261, 48262)

• Excused: Absences due to illness, quarantine (as directed by a health official), doctor or dental appointments, and death in the immediate family, school approved field trips, religious observances/holidays, personal court appearance (requires verification).
• Unexcused: Absences due to truancy, flat tires, running out of gas, missing the bus, oversleeping, vacations, etc. Absences due to suspension from school will be considered unexcused absences.

Students are expected to attend school regularly. Academic success and achievement begin with a commitment to being punctual and prepared for the rigors of school. Maintaining this high standard will positively affect a student’s progress and grade as well as reinforce a strong work ethic for the future. Attendance is extremely important. Regular attendance and punctuality are key elements in determining your success at Monterey Trail High School. Irregular attendance will negatively affect class progress and grades. Parents/guardians, please be aware that you are able to check your students' attendance through ParentVUE. Please call the attendance office at any time you have questions/concerns. 

How To Clear Absences
We recommend clearing absences within 7 days to avoid a letter being sent home from the District Attendance Improvement Office. Whether clearing absences by phone, note, or in person, please be prepared to provide: Student’s NAME AND ID# Date(s) and reason for Absence(s) Your name/relationship to the student Telephone number where parent/guardian can be reached to verify Parent/guardian signature (if absence is being cleared by note)
Early Dismissal/“Leave Of Grounds”
If a student has a medical appointment that requires he/she be released from school early, please follow these procedures:
• Parent/guardian should phone the Attendance Office at 688-0050, or bring a note (see above) prior to the start of school.
• Parent or Guardian will be called to verify any early dismissal requested by a written note so please include a current phone number.
• Student will be issued a pass with a time to return to the Attendance Office for early dismissal.
• All students leaving campus must have an approved early dismissal pass issued by the office.
• All parents/students need to sign out in the school office before leaving campus.
• If a student is unable to return to campus within the time allowed on the Early Dismissal, a Parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office at 688-0050.
• Students identified as having an excessive number of early dismissals will be required to clear future requests with the vice principal. A medical verification may be required upon return to school.

Tardy Policy and Consequences
As part of our Positive Learning Behaviors (PLBs), we are trying to help our MTHS students understand the importance of punctuality, increase their instructional time in class, and ensure a safe and orderly campus. Therefore, the school will conduct daily tardy sweeps to insure students arrive to class on time and receive the full benefit of classroom instruction. Parents/Guardians can check attendance on ParentVue. Per state regulation tardies due to traffic, family emergencies, or other personal reasons are not legally excusable. The school will give a three minute warning before each tardy bell. Students are expected to be in class and in their seats when the tardy bell rings.
• Students who are tardy will receive a class admission slip from the front office which requires them to attend lunchtime intervention on the day of the tardy, or on the following school day. (This written notification lists the days for lunchtime intervention, the room, and the time of the student’s tardy.)
• Students who do not attend their assigned lunchtime intervention will be placed on the No Activities List. Students will remain on the list and unable to attend specific events and activities until they have been cleared by serving all interventions owed. The list will be posted weekly for students to review at lunch or before/after school. Students can inquire about tardies in the administrative office.
• Students who have a chronic problem with non-attendance of their assigned lunchtime intervention may receive further consequences including but not limited to a one-hour after school detention, campus beautification, or other administratively assigned consequences.
• Parents will be called by the administrative offices regarding any administratively issued consequences and may be asked to attend a conference with an administrator.

A truancy is any “unexcused absence” or uncleared absence. NOTE: Students who arrive to class beyond 30 minutes late will be considered absent, not tardy, and are subject to truancy consequences.

AIO Process
Students with habitually poor attendance will be referred to the Attendance Improvement Office (AIO) through the following process:

1st Attendance Letter
• A letter is sent to parents after the 5th truancy.
• A principal or designee conferences with the student concerning attendance.
• A copy of signed letter is filed in the AIO binder, as well as in the student’s discipline file

2nd Attendance Letter
• The AIO sends a second letter to parents when there is no improvement in attendance.
• The parent is requested to contact the school within five school days to schedule a conference.
• At the conference, the parent and student sign an Attendance Contract.
• If no conference is scheduled, if the parent fails to attend the conference, or if further absences occur, other intervention options will be utilized.
• A copy of the signed letter is filed in the AIO binder, with a copy to the student’s discipline file.

3rd Attendance Letter
• The school generates a third letter when a student violates his/her attendance contract or when the parent does not schedule and/or attend a conference. This letter is a referral for a AIO hearing in court. Under state law, parents/guardians are responsible for the regular attendance of their children.