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Club Renewal

At the beginning of each new school year, all clubs and organizations are required to complete a Club Renewal Form & an Annual Estimated Club Budget Form
The purpose of the Club Renewal Form is to affirm that a club wishes to continue its official existence that year, to identify the staff advisors of the club for that year, and to identify the club’s student leaders for contact purposes.

The Annual Estimated Club Budget Form is necessary to establish whether or not each club intends to raise and/or spend club funds that year.  Turning in an Annual Club Budget Form lets us know that a club needs to have its ASB account re-activated for the year.
In addition to the above forms, it is required that club advisors and club officers review the ASB Accounting Handbook yearly and sign and return the Accounting Handbook Acknowledgement form.
Each club must complete and submit Club Renewal forms before they can participate in ASB sponsored events or hold any club event.  Any club that does not complete a club renewal form will be ineligible to participate in Club Rush, conduct any fundraisers, or reserve school facilities for club events. 

Club renewal forms should be completed and turned in to the Activities Director or Club Commissioner during the first few weeks of each new school year.  It would be most beneficial to the club to turn in completed forms before the annual Club Rush in order to be eligible to participate in that ASB event.
If, at any point during the year, a club decides that they DO want to participate in ASB activities, hold fundraisers, sell club shirts, hold a club event, etc., they may still activate their account by turning in this required paperwork.
PLAN AHEAD!!  - it may take a week or two to get your accounts re-activated.
Inactive Clubs:
If a club remains inactive for 2 years, their account will be closed and any money remaining in their account will be transferred back to the general ASB fund.
Once a club has been disbanded, reformation would require the same club approval process as a new club.