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Forming a New Club

To start a new club, a new club petition packet needs to be completed, approved by the ASB council, and, ultimately, approved by the principal.  The club petition packet consists of a New Club Petition form, an Estimated Club Budget form, and a Club Charter. All forms are available under the Club Forms and Procedures page.
To start a new club at MTHS, follow the indicated steps below:
Find an advisor!  Every club needs to have a staff advisor who is willing to meet with the interested students and hold regular meetings after the club is formed. Advisors must be a certificated staff member (teacher, librarian, counselor, vice principal)
Show that the new club is needed!  Identify the purpose for the club and the club’s goals.  Find at least 15 students who want to see this club formed and want to be members.  Have them all sign the New Club Petition form. The club petition form also needs to be completed and signed by the advisor.
Note:  Clubs are not to be formed that are (1) in direct competition for members with an existing club or that, (2) by their formation, could cause another club to lose members or cease to exist.  Make sure your purpose statement clearly shows that a club doesn’t already exist that could meet your interest and expectations.
If a club wishes to collect and/or spend club money, they need to have an Estimated Club Budget on file so the Site Controller can issue them an ASB account.  Clubs without a budget CANNOT spend or collect club money or hold any events where money is collected. 
Note:  Before a club can spend money, they must have money in their account.  Fundraisers can be held to raise club funds with prior approval from ASB and the Site Controller.
To create an ASB account, complete the Estimated Club Budget form and return it with your petition.
Each club needs to create a Club Charter outlining the processes and procedures to be used in running the club.  See the attached Club Charter Template, then create a charter of your own using the same format and the sample as the guide. 
Ideally, new club petitions should be completed and turned into the Associated Student Body within the first week of the school year.  It would be most beneficial to the club to turn in completed forms before the annual club rush every school year to be able to participate in the event.
After the completed forms are turned in (to HC-6: the Student Activities room or to the Activity Director’s mailbox in the main office), the ASB council will review the application and submit it to the principal and site controller for final approval. 
Your group is NOT a club, with club privileges, until this process is complete.