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Here you can find information on clubs that have been active on our campus. If you are interested in working to activate a club, you should first check with the advisor listed to see if they are still willing or available to act as advisor. If they are, work with them to complete the required forms and submit to ASB for approval as an active club. If the club expects to raise and/or spend money, a club budget must also be submitted.

Students may join most clubs at any point throughout the year, check with the advisor or plan on attending an upcoming meeting. 
Club Advisor
Aca-Deca (Academic Decathlon Team) Mr. Kevin Williams
Animation Club Mr. Gordon Dean
Anonymi Club Ms. Monica Ortega
Art Club Ms. Monica Ortega
ASL Club Mr. Bua
AVID Ms. Bailey Green
Be The Impact Club  Ms. Yvette Rios-Siemers
Bhangra Ms. Gurpreet Sangha
Break Dance Club Ms. Kayla Martin
BSU (Black Student Union) Mr. Richardson/Ms. Houston
Business BOSS Club Mr. Peters
Chess Club Mr. Aidan Ford
College & Career Readiness Ms. Perla Gaines
Conflict Manager Mrs. Gallagher 
Cosplay Club Ms. Amy McGreevy
Creative Writing Club Mr. Johnson
CSF    (California Scholastic Federation) Mr. Kevin Wiliams
Cyber-Patriots  Mr. Ron Peters
DATA Mr. Sal Lascola
Delta Gems   Ms. Tracey Cook
Don't Trash the Trail Mr. Sal Lascola
Drama Club Mrs. Sara Townsend
Dungeons and Dragons Mr. Nicholas Bua
EAC (Environmental Awareness Club) Mr. Dale Johnson
Fashion Club  Ms. Candy Jackson 
FCA Ms. Lindsey Harter
Filipino Club Ms. Christina Moslen
Garden Club Mr. Hutchinson
Green Machine Mr. Grivel
GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Mr. Nicholas Bua
Guitar Club  
History Day Team Ms. Mary Poe
Hmong Club Mr. Jay Yanos
ILS       (Independent Living Skills) Ms. Jean-Anne Brennan
Impulse Dance Company Ms. Jeanine Howland
Japanese NHS Ms. Aiko Sato
KEY Club Mr. Pedro Jacinto
Korean Club Mr. Jay Yanos
Latino Club Ms. Alejandra Vargas
Link Crew Ms. Ramie Gallagher
Lion Dance Club Minh Tran/Nick Bua
Mathletes Ms. Bao-Ngoc Tran
MESA Mr. Nicholas Bua
MT Media Mr. Sarabia
MT Monthly Mr. Sarabia
MTHS Step Club Ms. Daria Beard
Muslim Student Association Ms. Christine Fletcher
Mustang Foster Youth   
Mustang Majorettes Mr. Brandon Bridges
NHS      (National Honor Society) Ms. Amy McGreevy
P.O.C. Film Mr. Antonio Sarabia
Physics Club Ms. Gupreet Sangha
Political Science Club Ms. Sandra Johnson
Poly Ohana Club Ms. Tova El-Atrache
Pre Med Ms. Erin Johnson
Salsa Club Mr. Christopher Olvera
VEX Robotics Mr. Nicholas Bua
Vietnamese Club Mr. Jay Yanos
Vocal Club Ms. Rachael Yoder
Woodword Skate Club Mr. Josh Hutchinson
Yearbook Ms. Trang Tran
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