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California Scholarship Federation
California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q. What do I need to get that cool, golden stole to wear for graduation?
A. You need to become a Lifetime Member (Sealbearer). Also, you must meet your four semester requirement by the end of Term 2 in your senior year, due to the time needed to order the stoles.
Q. What is a Lifetime Member?
A. Lifetime Members have qualified for CSF four times, only counting their 10th, 11th and 12th grade years. Furthermore, at least one of those semesters must be in the senior year. 
Q. What does it me to be a member withHighest Honor 100% Membership?
A. You need to be a Lifetime Member (Sealbearer), accepted for all six semesters of your high school career, and meet the Citizenship requirement.
Q. What is the Citizenship requirement?
A. You will be required to write a letter illustrating your service to school and community, signed by a member of the school or community that best can recognize your achievements. There is a form that will need to accompany the letter.
Q. Can I join in my 9th grade year?
A. No—you would be considered an “associate” member, which means that you would not be working towards earning Lifetime membership and Sealbearer status.
Q. Does CSF cost any money?
A. You need to pay $7 dues every semester you are accepted. This money goes directly towards paying for awards. You only have to pay for the four qualifying semesters.
Q. Where do I pay?
A. Students store. Keep your receipt. Bring your ID and tell them it is for CSF dues. However, do not bring me your receipt—I will get a report.
Q. What do I need to do to apply?
A. Fill out an application and information card (these are available in HK-5). Submit these with a new, unofficial transcript.
Q. Do I need an official transcript?
A. No. However, I would like to have a new transcript. Get a transcript request outside Ms. Gonzales’ office in the main office or my application box and submit that with $1.
Q. I’m a member of the CSF Group Page. Does that mean I’ve been accepted?
A. No. That means you have filled out an application or been added by another member. Being a part of the Group is for informational purposes only.
Q. I have turned in an application and heard nothing. Does that mean I’ve been accepted?
A. No. That means your application is being reviewed. Being a part of the Group is for informational purposes only.
Q. How will I know if I’ve been accepted?
A. You will receive a yellow sheet indicating your standing. The acceptance list will be posted and updated periodically on the Group page. Pay attention to emails and check in on the Group page.
Q. What happens if I don’t pay my dues?
A. Then you are not a member of CSF. Admission is not automatic and your membership is completely up to the Advisor, Mr. Williams. 
Q. Are there application deadlines—in other words, when is this stuff due?
A. There are always deadlines. Applications are accepted during an entire month—the end of that month is the deadline. No late applications will be accepted, for any reason (you’ve had a month). Check the Group page or School Loop News for application months.
Q. Am I guaranteed acceptance if my grades are good enough?
A. No one is guaranteed acceptance. All acceptances, for all reasons, are subject to my approval.
Q. When are applications available?
A. The day grades are sent home. You will have four weeks to complete the application and an additional two weeks to pay dues.
Q. Do I get extra points for my AP and Honors courses?
A. Each of the five (5) classes you are submitting on your application gets three (3) points for an “A” and one (1) point for a “B”. You may add one (1) point to classes that are AP or Honors, but you may only do this twice on an application.
Q. Seems pretty easy to get in with eight classes in a semester, right?
A. You may only submit five (5) classes on the application, and they need to fit certain requirements that are on the back of the application.

About CSF

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a statewide non-profit honor society that encourages high standards in academics and citizenship. To join or stay in CSF, students must apply for membership after each semester's grading period. Please remember that no one is guaranteed acceptance for all acceptances are subject to Mr. William's approval. 
For more information about our program, feel free to visit the official CSF website: