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ASB is the student government/student leadership program that represents the students at MTHS. ASB is comprised of Mustang students who all commit themselves to improving Monterey Trail's culture and school spirit through ongoing involvement in all of the school's activities. ASB leaders invest hours and hours planning, organizing and implementing spirit rallies, lunch time activities, class events, spirit weeks, homecoming, open house, fundraisers, dances, staff & student recognition, etc. Working alongside administrators, staff members, parents, and fellow students allows us to make the four years at Monterey Trail High School the best. 

Student Government 2023-2024

ASB President: Shreya Prasad
ASB Vice President: Bianca Bustillo


Spirit Committee
Director: Jada Garza
School Historian: Prabhleen Kaur
Homecoming Commissioner: Sabrina Reka
Spirit Commissioner: Kamea Austero
Publicity Commissioner:Isabella Duong
Rally Commissioner: Symphyny Moua
Athletic Commissioner: Jamar Lee

Academics and Recognition Committee
Director: Annie  Battiste
ASB Secretary: Audrey Tran
Academic Awards Commissioner: Patricia Luu
Renaissance Commissioner: Xavior Sahota
Technology Commissioner: Thomas Hui
Student Recognition Commissioner: Daybrielle Jackson
Staffulty Recognition Commissioner: Tamia Moody

Community Committee
Director: Husna Sabeer
ASB Treasurer: Helen Phi
Club Commissioner: Kareem Abusbaitan
Community Outreach Commissioner: Emily Tu
Diversity Commissioner: Carla Mendoza
Special Events Commissioner: Jaleah Lyles
Elections Commissioner: TBD Appointed

Senior Council
Senior President: Rabia Ahmed
Senior Vice President: Boyee Tu
Senior Secretary: Kasandra Lara Gonzalez
Senior Treasurer: Anyah Clayton
Senior Publicity/Spirit: Jayda Johnson
Senior Sober Grad/Payment Plan: TBD Appointed

Junior Council
Junior President: Trang Tran
Junior Vice President: Tiffany Cheong
Junior Secretary: Gwyneth Riberal
Junior Treasurer: Haley Saechao
Junior Publicity/Spirit: Timothy Manariangkuba

Sophomore Council
Council Member: Ramin Alashoti - 2 term
Council Member: Aubrey Tuyen - 2 term
Council Member: Rachel Song - 2 term
Council Member: Cayle Vang - 2 term
Council Member: Adeeb Reka - 2 term
Council Member: Jonathan Gonzalez-Saechao - 2 term
Council Member: Hira Mehmood - 4 term
Council Member: Leila Goldwire - 4 term

Freshmen Council
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed
Council Member: Appointed


Student Government 2022-2023

ASB President: Minh-Tam Luong
ASB Vice President: Shreya Prasad

Spirit Committee
Director: Kamea Austero
School Historian: Edda Lam
Homecoming Commissioner: Jaren Pascua
Spirit Commissioner: Bianca Bustillo
Publicity Commissioner: Jada Garza
Rally Commissioner: Niya Bumbaca
Athletic Commissioner: Vacant

Academics and Recognition Committee
Director: Vanessa Ramos
ASB Secretary: Elvina Lam
Academic Awards Commissioner: Vacant
Renaissance Commissioner: Annie Battiste
Technology Commissioner: Fatima Siddique
Student Recognition Commissioner: Jaeda Luong
Staffulty Recognition Commissioner: Audrey Tran

Community Committee
Director: Laith Abusbaitan
ASB Treasurer: Jacqlynn Le
Club Commissioner: Husna Sabeer
Community Outreach Commissioner: Boyee Tu
Diversity Commissioner: Kasandra Lara
Dance Commissioner: Jayda Johnson
Elections Commissioner: Khai Do

Senior Council
Senior President: Addiston Thao
Senior Vice President: Hailey Alvarez
Senior Secretary: Monica Orduno
Senior Treasurer: Alexander Barrera
Senior Publicity/Spirit: Diya Johl
Senior Sober Grad: Kaliyah Johnson
Payment Plan: Brooklyn Knowles

Junior Council
Junior President: Rabia Ahmed
Junior Vice President: Tien Nguyen
Junior Secretary: Lily Phan
Junior Treasurer: Jamar Lee
Junior Publicity/Spirit: Sabrina Reka

Sophomore Council
Council Member: Tiffany Cheong
Council Member: Isabella Duong
Council Member: Osaru Edokpolor
Council Member: Valorie Lu
Council Member: Timothy Manariangkuba
Council Member: Carla Mendoza
Council Member: Helen Phi
Council Member: Gwyneth Riberal
Council Member: Trang Tran
Council Member: April Zhuo

Freshmen Council
Council Member: Jonathan Gonzalez-Saechao
Council Member: Tamia Moody
Council Member: Deepasha Prasad
Council Member: Jazmin Ramos
Council Member: Xavior Sahota
Council Member: Rachel Song
Council Member: Kelly Ton
Council Member: Emily Tu
Council Member: Aubrey Tuyen
Council Member: Cayle Vang