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Our Five Obligations

Monterey Trail High School has FIVE obligations for deaf students:

  • A passion for learning.
  • A vision to realize their potential.
  • Intentions to develop knowledge and skills.
  • Action for transforming dreams into reality.
  • Reflection for self-monitoring and staying the course.

Our Program

Deaf students are mainstreamed with sign language interpreters, for most of their academic classes. Mrs. Chapman-Martin teaches English to students using American Sign Language. Deaf students are included in all school activities. Ms. Chapman-Martin serves grades 9-12. Far from being a disability, ASL has given Deaf citizens a means to express the richness of their lives and to develop a proud culture with distinctive values and traditions.


"Being unable to hear is only a part of being deaf. In fact, when the word is used in the cultural sense, hearing is one of the least important criteria used to delineate group membership. Many persons that are labeled hearing or hard-of-hearing from the medical perspective are labeled or would label themselves as deaf from the cultural perspective. Similarly, a person who self-identifies as deaf may in fact have much more hearing than one who self-identifies as either hearing or hard-of-hearing. The use of the cultural label is a declaration of personal identity much more than an explanation of hearing ability." - Wikipedia. 




ASL Common Phrases

Links & Resources



Talia Chapman-Martin

Education Specialist: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ShaRay Lawand

American Sign Language Interpreter

Kim Jones

American Sign Language Interpreter

Stella Gonzalez

American Sign Language Interpreter

Andrea Atkinson

American Sign Language Interpreter