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What is Deaf Culture?

It is the deaf culture that binds together the deaf community, created from shared language, interests, traits, experiences, and history of deaf people. Folklores and stories were made revolving around the joys frustrations and humor of being deaf.


The deaf community regarded the deaf culture as its very own something that only deaf people could enjoy and appreciate.


The 1960s changed all that, allowing the deaf community to emerge from the shadows. American theatre of the deaf elevated deaf culture to an act form. By the 1970s, linguistic, anthropologic, and sociologic theories and constructs were applied to signs the deaf culture and the deaf community.

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Talia Chapman-Martin

Education Specialist: Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ShaRay Lawand

American Sign Language Interpreter

Kim Jones

American Sign Language Interpreter

Stella Gonzalez

American Sign Language Interpreter

Andrea Atkinson

American Sign Language Interpreter