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Mustang of Merit

The Mustang of Merit Award is the highest graduation recognition honor we offer at MTHS. Graduating seniors, who distinguish themselves by representing all aspects of our school culture, have an opportunity to earn this prestigious award for their overall achievements in their high school career; The Mustang of Merit Award is a tradition we began at Monterey Trail High School with our first graduating class. Those students who qualify, by meeting the minimum requirements listed below, will have their individual merits and contributions reviewed and considered by the operations committee with final selection subject to the approval of the principal. The number of recipients of this award may vary each year depending on the number of qualified applicants and the recommendation of the selection committee. All students selected to receive this award will have their names announced at the Senior Awards Night. 

Minimum Requirements:
- No D or F grades; No U citizenship grades; No home suspensions
- No more than 10 absences Senior year - 2 or more periods on any day is considered an absence
- 3.25 or higher Cumulative EGUSD Weighted GPA
- Active participant in at least two extra-curricular activities including MTHS clubs, performing groups, or ASB
- Member or manager of at least one MTHS Athletic/Cheer team (summer ball and powderpuff do not count)
- At least 40 hours of community service throughout high school career
- Completion of senior presentation

Mustang of Merit 2024 Application - Due Wednesday, April 10


Graduation Cords, Stoles, and Medals

All graduation cords require the completion of your senior presentation to be eligible.

All MTHS Graduation Recognitions must be approved by the School Leadership Committee (Admin/Dept Leads).
Please submit this application, along with a sample student application sheet, to the Activities Director for review and submission.
Award Minimum Requirements Application
 ASB Leadership
  • 3.0 or better overall GPA
  • 3.5, or better, GPA in Leadership
  • No "F" grades and no home suspensions
  • 40 credits in Student Leadership including 10 credits senior year
  • 1 year or more served in an elected or appointed officer or commissioner position
  • No more than 10 absences Senior year - 2 or more periods on any day is considered an absence
Due April 10
  •  4 varsity letters and 40 hours of community service approved by Athletic Department OR
  • 4 varsity letters and 3.0, or better, cumulative GPA  OR
  • 6 varsity letters
  • and Never quit or cut from a sport
  • 3 years in AVID (High School)
  • 3.0, or better, GPA in AVID classes
  • Completion of "A-G" course requirements
  • Complete 20 scholarship applications
  • Complete 60 hours of Community Service during High School (*optional for 2024)
  • 2 teacher recommendations
  • Written Statement
Due April 12
  • Completion of total of 40 credits in Business Technology courses including General Business and Computer Technology
  • 3.0, or better, GPA in Business Major classes
  • CTAP Portfolio of work completed in high school, including resumes, letter of introduction, writing samples, samples of business and technology work completed in the Intermediate Computers classes OR Technology integrated Senior Portfolio
Due April 5
  • 40+ units in DATA classes with minimum 3.0 GPA in DATA
  • 40 hours of community service
  • Completion of portfolio OR work completed in high school with employment readiness information. (Completed in Intermediate Computers class/DATA Connections/Advocacy Class)
  • Active participation in DATA
 Honor Roll
  • Qualification for the Honor Roll or Honor Roll with Distinction in all award periods. An award period is Terms 1/2 or Terms 3/4 (8 times) (8th award will be based on Term 3 final grades and Term 4 progress grades in senior year)
  • Honor Roll is a 3.75 or better GPA for Terms 1/2 or Terms 3/4
  • Honor Roll with Distinction is a 4.00 or better GPA for Terms 1/2 or Terms 3/4
  • No "U's" in citizenship 
Due April 10
 Link Crew
  • Minimum overall 3.0 GPA, with no "D" or "F" grades Junior and Senior Years
  • No NP's in Advocacy Junior and Senior Years
  • 10 excused absences or less Senior year
  • No unexcused absences Junior or Senior year
  • 10 tardies or less (includes all periods) senior year
  • Must have attended all training days and been a leader at Freshman Orientation both Junior and Senior Years (mandatory)
  • Always wear Link Crew shirt for Link Crew Activities/Events (mandatory)
  • Complete 3 out of the 4 below:
    • served as a leader of a committee in Peer Counseling class for two terms (can be different years)
    • worked at least 2 shifts at Freshman Tailgate for 2 years
    • Link Crew Member for 2 years
    • Attended trainings and led 100% of all advocacy lessons Junior & Senior Year. (4 trainings and 4 lessons per year)
  • No suspensions during Junior or Senior years.
  • No U's in citizenship Junior and Senior years
Due April 8
 Physical Education
  •  4 years and 40 credits in P.E., including at least 10 senior year
  • 3.0, or better,  GPA in P.E.
  • 10 or fewer absences senior year
  • Teacher recommendations
  • 40 credits in science
  • Completion of 3 AP Science Classes with a C or better
  • "3.0 GPA" or better in ALL science classes
Due April 15
 Social  Science
  • 40 credits in honors/AP level Social Science classes
  • 3.25 or better cumulative GPA, No D's or F's in Social Science Classes
  • No suspensions and no U's in citizenship
Due April 10
  • 3.0, or better, GPA in ALL VAPA classes
  • 3 courses (minimum) in one subject area - 30 credits or more
  • Performances and/or competitions representing MTHS VAPA
Due April 12
 World  Languages
  •  40 units in one language (waivers do not count)
  • 3.0, or better, GPA in World Language Classes
  • Teacher recommendation
Due April 10
  • 30+ yearbook units (10+ units must be completed in senior year)
  • 3.0 GPA in Yearbook Class
  • Active participation  in Yearbook
  • At least one Yearbook Leadership position
  • Multiple demonstrations of yearbook skills (photography, interviewing, writing, designing, etc.)
  • Positive student behavior (no home suspensions or Unsatisfactory citizenship)
  • No more than TEN absences senior year (not including school-sponsored field trips)
Due April 5
California Scholastic Federation
  •  4 semesters of GPA qualification
Mr. Williams
Key Club
  • 60+ hours total of community service hours
  • No suspensions and no "F" grades
Mr. Strack
National Honor Society
  • Two years of membership, including senior year
  • Teacher recommendations
Mr. Ramirez
Outstanding Scholars
  • Top Ten overall GPAs based on Term 2 Final Grades
Valedictorian &  Salutatorian
  •  Top 2 overall GPAs based on Term 2 Final Grades